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Drag is for everyone, including you!

Don’t know how to start? Than Drag College is the place for you!
Discover your inner Drag -king, -queen or Genderblend.
We provide the support and oppertunity for you to explore you inner drag in a safe environment, so you’ll have the confidence to shine on stage during the graduation show.

Take masterclasses by professional performers, hair & make-up artists and a stage manager.
There are also life coaches present for your personal development.

At Drag College you don’t just create your own Drag persona, you also get the chance to develope yourself as a person. A way of therapy, just more fun!

Just like a “real” school, Drag College will provide you with homework. We expect everyone to spend atleast two hours a week, in between masterclasses, on developing your make-up skills, work on your hairpiece, your outfit and your act.

Practical info

Participation costs: €250,-
Luckily, you get allot in return:

Drag Starterkit incl:
foundation, eyeshadow pallet, highlighter, shader, primer, setting spray, brushes, blender, powderpuff and a mirror with LED.

– Hairpieces:
wig, beard, mustache etc.

– 5 Masterclasses by professionals:
* Hair
* Make-up
* Costume
* Character Development
* Act & Performance

– Personal Guidance:
During the whole process there are two life coaches present

– Dates –

Drag College takes place in the evening in Wageningen

January 18th – Introduction
February 1st – Masterclass 1 – Persona and Outfit
February 15th – Masterclass 2 – Make-up
February 29th – Masterclass 3 – Hair
March 14th -Masterclass 4 – Stage Presence
March 30th – Masterclass 5 – Act
April 6th – Rehearsals
April 19th – Graduation Show

This is YOUR moment!

application is possible untill December 31st 2023.
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There is room for 8 participants for Drag College.
Drag College is located in Wageningen. Final location will follow asap.

The whole process of Drag College is being filmed.
As a participant you will be interviewed during the process.
When participating you agree that Drag College is free to use any footage you’re in for publication. Publication of footage is intended for awareness, acceptance and inspiration.